New! Wine Class: Blind Tasting

Meet Your Sommelier!

Andrea Lowe

In the world of wine, there is an exclusive group of experts known as Sommeliers (pronounced: som-mall-yay). These are people that undergo years of study in the art and science of grape growing, vineyard management, and winemaking. Sommeliers are knowledgeable at how the climate, soil, topography, and weather of a region influence the winemakers' stylistic approach that contributes to the unique experience in every glass of wine. It is also understanding that wine is the ticket to the many cultures around the world, giving access to history, languages and cuisine.

Andrea Lowe, Founder and Wine Educator of Sommelier Secrets Wine School and The Sabering Sommelier, had an interest in wine for as long as she can remember. Like anything, there was a time when she knew virtually nothing about it, aside from the fact that she preferred white wine. "White wine lifts me up and makes me happy!"

Andrea's goal is to promote the social element that wine offers. "Everyone has a favorite wine or knows a great little cellar door that they want to tell you about. Wether it's a glass of wine with colleagues after work, or a bottle shared with family or friends over dinner, wine brings people together."

Let Andrea take you on a journey with a night of wine tasting and tasty bites with the Battle of France vs. America! This blind tasting will consist of current vintage wines at the historical event: The Judgement of Paris 1976. The class will take place at the local Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club, located at 1869 East Main Street on Thursday, June 15th. Doors will open at 6 pm with a champagne social. Come and be a part of the first wine tasting class leading up to the event! Spots are limited, so get your tickets to reserve your seat.